Friday, April 10, 2009

The training is bodybuilding - reps and sets.... kind of bores me not hoisting BIG iron and reaching for those maxes...but I do what I have to do. There are no great poundages, no great pumps. I'm not sure what to write about...

FANTASTIC news - I left on the last posting on a low note about the knee. I had a feeling it wasn't tendons or such, and I had a feeling what I needed was chiropractic services - I was correct. Seems my knee was "off track". I have been going to a new chiropractor for the past two weeks, and my knee feels just fine now. This coming leg day will tell me how much progress we have made. The other really fantastic thing of note is that for the first time in a year and a half I sit here with a left IT band that is giving me no indications of being problematic. Our bodies act holistically and respond as such too. Chiro said he wasn't surprised that the IT problem is less pronounced . I'm not going to run into the gym and squat this weekend, by any means, but I am now definitely, positively sure that I will be under that squat bar again!

Speaking of squatting - My friend Beth Beitzel was squatting the other day "just for fun" she said, as squatting isn't usually on her training agenda.

She did 10 or 12 nice deep 225's, so GW and I decided to wrap up her knees and get her to do a few at 275. She had no problem with 6 nicely parallel and a couple deeper. No belt!!!

She's one of those naturally "mesomorphic" and strong types, though she is always trying to be skinnier and won't admit her strength. She looks great, always does, and is strong! Go Beth!

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