Thursday, October 15, 2009

Aches and Pains

Squatting update -
I put up a very good 410 the other day, no knee wraps! My knee was a bit angry with me, but not too terrible My chiropractor said it felt really good when I went in for my weekly visit, so I'm not going to get too worried about it, not yet anyway. I just can't get bounce out of the wraps because I deescend way too slow. They actually hinder my performance at this point.
I benched 300 for 2 reps last night. It was a bad performance day, at that. I was all stiff and tight from this terrible front of bad weather that has moved in, along with being in the car all day and going to my Uncle Bill's funeral (we miss you Uncle Bill! ). So 300 for 2 is more than I could have hoped for.
My body is certainly reminding me of the difference between powerlifting and bodybuilding. I am sore, I ache, I am stiff....and I can't wait to go back for another dose, lol!!!

I would like to say congratulations to Scott Yard as he has just accepted the position of APA Pennsylvania Chairperson. It is good to know that my comrades are so competent and accomplished!

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