Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Weenies -

yes - I've been avoiding posting - again, because i don't have much that I want to talk about, training wise - still not back up to par... :(

sleep is still evasive...I know -WTF??? It has been a looooong time since I had a regular sleep pattern, and I am soooo tired of harping on it - but it is real, and it fucking hurts and its a drag and it suckssssssssssss, believe me... it has messed my entire being around - HOWEVER, there is hope - I got 6 straight hours of sleep last night, somehow, and I keep hoping....

So on back day last week, my left leg still was aggravated, we were supposed to rack pull, but no could do. GW's leg is still aggravated, too. We did barbell rows, always one of my favorite excersises, but not one we do often - and I still had a little aggravation in the leg whilst doing these.

I kept wanting to fall forward from lack of stabilization. Still managed two sets of 275 for six...

Legs, Sunday, we didn't do much but get the blood flowing, because we were still both crippled... :(
we went back to our old haunt, Midway Fitness, to use the Nautilus Duo-Squat, a most wonderful machine....not heavy, but I can certainly work around the spot on my legs that hurts me most. Used the whirlpool, which may be the one part of the gym that I miss the most. Did adductors, and abductors, standing leg curls, I did hip flexors at home.

Tonight - chest - not so bad...I didn't expect much due to the fact that I DID sleep, and I'm NOT used to it. Felt kind of TOO relaxed (damned if I do - damned if I don't....Damn it! :) )

I was at 157 lbs. I was kind of light, but I did manage 280 for 3...after a 230 x 7 and a 260 for 4 or 5.... then 3 sets of Incline Smith machines , 3 sets of "Kate presses"...haha...3sets each of everything else - Hammer shoulder, Lateral flyes, Skull crushers, reverse pushdowns, a few drops sets here and there - not bad at all. When we were done I felt like there were big ol' balloons in my shoulders and triceps, so goal achieved.

hey - look who was back in town :

I just love BIG weenies!!!!!!! :)

And here is another big weenie ....

from a photoshoot today -


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