Friday, September 12, 2008

Horsing Around

Interesting week for training, for sure.

I am sleeping well,but I keep waking up feeling as if I got little to no sleep at all. Methinks it is allergies, but what do I know?

GW had called and said he couldn't make it Tuesday eve to the gym. That had made me happy at first, as I was looking for an excuse to not have to go in to the gym, but then I couldn't deal with that thought, so I think I got dressed three times Tuesday eve before I finally dragged myself to the gym. It was rainy and humid, hence the air was super wet and thick as proverbial pea soup inside the gym. My brain was still at home lying on a pillow on the couch. My good ol' buddy Sean was there when I arrived working his legs on the leg press, so I joined him.
I wound up doing four sets, three of which were paused reps on the Hammer Strength leg press.
YIKES!!! I got my swole on after the very first set. It was noticeable, too, visually. (Again, let's talk At Large Nutrition RESULTS!)Then onto reverse dumbbell lunges. GW doesn't like lunges, so, as usual, I like to do things that he dislikes when I train without him. They were brutal, but I think pedal pushes in the air would have been brutal after the leg pressing! Lying leg curls - regular, then a drop set, then a super slow rep, then 3 sets of duck squats...oh, and seated calves and standing calves.
It always boggles me that I can have the most intense and effective workouts when I am soooo listless when I first walk in. It is now Friday and my legs are still WRECKED! I had a massage yesterday and the soreness is especially deep down in there. They are coming along, my quads, they are.

Last night we made our way back to Midway Fitness in Rehoboth Beach, DE to train. It kind of feels like returning home from being overseas or something - LOL.
I didn't expect much, since I was dragging around all day again, had an hour and a half deep tissue massage in the late morning, and my legs were still feeling as if they were lead pillars, but heck, I was going to be fine.
Actually, whilst warming up, the bar felt pretty heavy. When I got to 230 x 1, I thought that a set with 230 was going to be way too much for me... nope! I hit a terrific 230 x 10. Where DID that come from???!!! Perfect groove, perfect pauses, just perfect. I don't know, but let's run with it. 280 x 3...not bad, Miss Kate... so why not see if I can still hit a 300....
Yes, I can! GW decided to pull a couple of people in the room to check me out, which made me nervous because I certainly didn't want to have to "perform", and my friend Cowboy Rob was there.... But I did it, good job, 2 count pause, locked out and held for a few seconds.
I got all warm and fuzzy from that because I have been wondering for awhile now if I could ever get PowerGoddess to come back. She is back.
Nautilus decline presses,high cable crossovers, Nautilus shoulder presses, lateral flyes, cable press downs, and dips! Then into the majical whirlpool for a hot steamy soak before returning home.
Needless to say - chest, shoulders, and triceps are WRECKED today ! Coupled with my legs, I am pleasantly sore all over :)

Let me give a shout out to my friend and local Cowpoke Rob - (hah!!) I knew you would be in the gym when I saw and almost stepped in horse kickey outside of the gym in the parking lot before I walked, wait, maybe that wasn't horse kickey - I didn't see your horse.... Anyhoooo- good to finally meet you in person!

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Anonymous said...

From a spectators point of view you made it look easy!

Great to have you back.