Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First State Power Frenzy 2008

Mr. anonymous poster - the Nautilus Duo-Squat is an incredible piece of machinery. It is actually one machine that I can use that allows me to work around the pain in my legs. And using it unilaterally allows you to focus on one appendage at a time -always good. We did those full stack last week for 3 sets somewhere in the 15 reps range... I won't be trainng tonight, however.
:( The virus going around has got ahold of me - of course! I get EVERYTHING!!!! At least it waited until after the First State Power Frenzy to release full force on me.

The meet was INCREDIBLE! I DO hold the best meets! Not all my doing - it is because I have the absolutely BEST help. The Dynamo Club out of northeast MD, the Jersey Iron boys, various ANIMALS in the house (Andy Sedar, Boz, Phil, Hoomgar,Big Al) and Len Walker and George Wilson, my right hand men (left hand , too, for that matter)!!!! Rob Haas - you rock, thank you for ALL you did, Justine Dohring as administrative assistant., and Big Al Fortney - "you told me so!!!" HAH! Thanks for wrapping me, and doing 285 lbs. for 35 reps is just SICK SICK SICK!!!Hank Stoklosa for all of the high quality photographs. Big Tone - I don't ever want to have a meet without you there - helping or lifting. You are awesome ( and NOT really that MEAN - lol!!!)
And everyone else who came to help, spot, load, judge, lift, watch...THANK YOU!!!!!

I had a rough morning getting up to the meet - I woke up 45 minutes late - then something in my car exploded on the way up ...me and the boys were covered in this strange white powder...at least my car wasn't on fire like I thought at first! It still runs - have to get that checked. So I was about an hour late, but things still ran perfectly and seems everyone had fun.

I actually managed to bench press - I wavered back and forth on that all the way up until time to roll. But I managed a friggin' easy as cake 280. I wasn't sure whether I wanted to go for the 300, or go for the 3 for 3. I had never achieved 3 for 3 in the bench at a meet before. I played it conservative and went 3 for 3. Get over one hump at a time, I say. I did go for the 300 on the fourth, but no steam left to lock that out. It is funny watching the clips of me finishing the lift then literally RUNNING back to the microphone.

I really just wanted to be able to hear myself say "Kate Baird, you are in the hole"...LOL!!

That's Big Al wrapping my wrists, even though you can't see his face! And Big Tone Barbaccio hitting a 750 bench. What a great time! No, I do NOT make but a pittance from these meets. I do it because I love it. I truly love it.

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