Saturday, September 06, 2008

Rested : )

What magic a week of rest can produce! I won't say I feel inceredible beastly strong after a week's rest, but I do feel RESTED! Imagine that - an almost surreal feeling to me. Rested, and I do like it.
I know I swore off benching and deadlifting and all those big power movements for awhile, but I can't help myself. Those are the movements I love. So I lied - punish me!

So we benched Thursday eve, GW and I. It was a PERFECT groove. I don't get that sheer perfect feeling often, but it felt oh, so right. I was able to hold the pause for the 2 count on all my reps. 230 x 9, 250 x 5, 230 x 7... I'm not so wound up about the strength levels, which were ok, but the groove was, well, grrrooovy. Everything else felt good,too.
This morning we deadlifted. I felt the wrath of sinus pain and pressure all morning long, probably due to allergies, almost felt like a hangover, but I had a hankering to deadlift. Part of me was opposed to deads, GW certainly wasn't jumping up and down at the prospect of deads, but deadlift we did. My first set sucked because I picked the bar up crooked. But I commenced to two sets of 370 x 5. I could of pulled 6 on those sets, but I didn't want to over exert, though I'm not sure what I was saving myself for. I was just wimping out.

The rest of the session went well. Barbell shrugs, and T-bar machine rows, and Rope pull thingies (technical term) and damn it I forgot to do hip flexors! We did rope pulls for biceps then down the rack hammer curls, which proved to be quite an aerobic escapade. Doing biceps isn't supposed to be aerobic...

It was a very wet atmosphere in the gym today - Hannah is hovering above us right now, and when it is humid outside, unfortunately this gym feels twice as humid inside.

Yes, Tropical Storm Hannah is here right now. It is really raining out there and gusting winds about 60 -70 mph. I love walking in warm strong winds, so hopefully the rain will subside soon and I can get out there and exhilerate myself in the wind. Storms are dangerously beautiful, aren't they?
I ate a peanut butter sandwich today. I do eat peanut butter almost daily, but sans bread. I haven't had a PB sandwich in years - many years. It was yummy. I am not a jelly person.
I usually slather the pb on my MetRX Chocolate Crunch that is gourmet!

I am hanging about 172 -173.

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