Sunday, September 21, 2008


This was supposed to be a continued saga, but, hah!, I forget what I did the other night, other than the benching. Standard 230 x 10 stuff. I apologize. If I wait more than a day or two, The details just fade away.

Sunday - and I'm STILL feeling damaged from leg day. Someday I will squat again, dammit....somehow, someway....My hips got all wacked out too, so when it came time to do back yesterday, I wasn't feeling much like pulling on anything. GW wanted to do rack pulls, haven't done those in a loooong time. Gw was having a bit of an off day, as well...We just kind of warmed up , kind of, then got to 585, which didn't want to sit in my hands. Thing just fell out of my hand after 2...nothing else to do but try it again. Now, I hate it when people gather around to watch me lift -spying from afar is not so bad, but when they come over and sit down to watch, like spectators, and I tell them I hate being watched but they don't leave, what am I going to do? Anyhooo. I pulled the thing for 3. It wasn't the right groove - my hips and legs were so tight. I just couldn't get that proper range of motion and groove....oooooh well. Then we dropped it to 495, but it was like my upper body was pulling up and my lower body was strainingin the opposite direction. lol.
It sucked - it didn't move. THAT's what is called spent.
Cable rows - 180 x 10 felt like a ton, then I mistakenly left the stack at 225 after GW. I got 10...placebo effect. Ha. So I guess leaving it at that weight was to be for set #3.
Nothing else exciting in this session - machine pulovers, DB shrugs, Hammer curls and Nautilus machine curls.

I'm kind of irate at the moment. The Steelers are playing the Eagles right now, but what do they televise here? Ravens... :( gdmfsob

Next Saturday is The First State Power Frenzy at The Training Center in New Castle DE. Hosted by none other than....well, you know who - e-mail me for info. The day looks to be a POWERFUL Frenzy!!!

Oh, "Mr. Anonymous comment poster" who suggests that the adductor and abductor machines need to be, no, no . Dude, it's not a thigh master - the machines both have their benefits. Break down and use those girly machines in the right way, and you too can build muscle with them.

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Anonymous said...

I was just busting on you about those machines. Duo squat is the name of the leg machine. I heard the power frenzy meet went really well and am looking forward to seeing some pictures.