Thursday, October 16, 2008


I have been negligent on posting here - so sorry. Bizzy money, but bizzy....

AS far as training, I'm just kind of sliding in to things since that miserable cold. Workouts have been good, but not stellar by any means. I have been training with some "fresh blood" (insert evil laughter here) lately, which always ignites a new spark of motivation in me. Cowboy Rob has been training with GW and I frequently, and Paul (no nick name yet) - was in for legs the other day.

Leg day was actually quite swole producing. I usually stick with the Nautilus Duo-squat due to the leg pain issues. Sissy squats - one of my all time favorites, and leg extensions...why, oh why were these ever invented??!!! And leg curls.
Chest day sucked, probably due to the crappy bar we were subjected to use. My plan is to take my personal Texas Power bar in next time.

I'm trying to incorporate some slllllllllooooooooowwww reps back into my training, and lots of pausing on whatever I can.

Hey, got to run - bizzyness is calling -

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Anonymous said...

I'm like'n them cake presses! :)