Saturday, October 18, 2008

Perhaps the Answer -

I finally met someone who has the same "syndrome" that I have - the leg pain issues. I spoke with him for quite a length of time recently, and I am now on the beginning of a rehabilitative journey and I have high hopes of combating and beating this thing. GOAL = to squat once again. I will keep you advised. It is going to be a lot of time invested and a heck of alot of grueling therapy, but we do what we must do to acheive the results we so desire. J.R. has experienced the same type pf symptoms as I, but even more severe as it sounds. He actually went to the professionals to seek treatment and answers. Thank you J.R. My gratitude for your time, advice and opinions.

Dealifted last night. The bar we used has absolutely NO knurling on it, so the hardest part was keeping grip on it. I think my callouses are 4 times thicker today than they were at the start of training last night - LOL. Oh well, I suppose holding a real deadlift bar will be all that much easier come meet day - ???!!! Maybe I should use that decisive theory with my benching, too.

Only went up to 370 x 6 on deadlifts last night. I actually have a kind of "plan" this time, instead of winging it. Shrugs and cable rows and machine pullovers. Biceps - inward hammer curls (went up to 80's on the third set) and machine preachers. It was a very good session - yes. I didn't feel all that much pump, but we hit hard and pretty heavy, and THAT, my dears, is what I like!
I am sooo glad that Midway Fitness Center has the big whirpool. It is very therapuetic , not to mention relaxing. So I soak in it after almost every workout...aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.

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