Thursday, October 23, 2008


Benching : 240 x 10, 260 x 7, 270 x5, all paused...that all equals up to about a 315 - 320 one rep max.
Oooh, I'm all silly, warm and fuzzy now. PG is on the rise again. I'm also playing around with static holds at the end of the benching again, too. Incredibly perfect, it was.

I have been doing my therapy for my legs like a good girl. It is so time consuming. Friggin' painful at times too. I can't expound on what I am doing out of courtesy, but even after only a few days I think I feel some progress. I got up out of a kneeling position on the floor today rather effortlessly, and THAT is noteworthy. Time will tell -

Congratulations to Big Al Fortney and Andy Sedar, who both set raw deadlift records at the IPA meet in Leesport, PA last weekend. Al in the 308 class with a 675, and Andy in the 242's with a 625. Al was ripe for a 700, but he pulled his hamstring on the lift . Heal up quickly, big guy.
And dont send me any more pictures of the injury - LOL...looks nasty.