Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Here I am

I agree - I've been scarce here lately. I think it is just that sometimes I want to fade away into the woodwork and go about things quietly... oh, I hear the chuckles with that statement, but it is true. However, here I am -

I strained my teres major the other night in the gym. It was more an indirect result of being out of whack from hovering over the computer so much lately. Computer arm, computer neck, computer wrist, computer shoulder... I knew I should have not only stretched everything out before commencing training, but should have seen the chiropractor that morning too. I had absolutely no problem deadlifting - was a little lackadaisacal, but did pull 410, so really no problems there.
Third set of cable rows I felt the pull. Stopped right away. Ended the session right there and then.
Legs were no problem Sunday, of course. Though it is kind of strange how doing Smith machine lunges on a box does not hurt me, as they are technically one legged squats.... but I can't squat????
I did go to the chiropractor Monday ( better late than never). Usually he hates when he has to push on my side to unlock the hips etc, because half the time I don't even move at all. This time, I was much looser, and things moved as they should. A MILESTONE!!! Gives me loads of hope.

GW and I stuck to machines for chest last night, and I focused on keeping any back out of the movements. I did not train shoulders or triceps, however, so as not to pull the pull. I abhor being damaged.

Thank goodness the election is finally over. No matter how anyone voted, we Americans all need to stand together and move forward with a positive state of mind. Times are tough for so many of us now. I am a real estate agent and my pockets are hurting these days. I can only pray that things get better soon....

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