Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I am coming back around - seems like I say THAT phrase way too frequently. Life has its setbacks, for sure. Perseverance is vital. I feel pretty good, physically and mentally. I have had to make alot of decisions unexpectedly, but I feel quite comforatable with myself and the directions I aim to move forward in. Away with the show...

GW and I thoroughly trashed our legs Sunday, so well that mine are still screaming, and it is Wednesday. I tested myself with one set of squats with 135 for 10 reps. So far so good! I will try to add weight each time. I am hopeful, but there is still the chance that I may not ever be able to squat again, so hope is my best course. Lunges on the Smith Machine with a box are friggin' killers if you do them properly. We even went as far as high rep sets of 20.

Last night benches. I had been planning to bench on December 06 in a meet, and possibly deadlift, however with the way things have worked out in my life that is not to be. No sweat, there will be more in the future. I was back on track last night, however a little tight in the upper chest and shoulder tie ins. 230 x 10, 260 x 6, 280 x 3. Then static holds - I must have held the 370 for 20 seconds and would haveleft it at that, but felt that it was way too light so I then held a 390 for 10 seconds. Next time is the big 400 for sure...

:). When I get that big weight in my hands, I just get ridiculously giddy. I love it!

I have been a miserable f*** for the past 24 hours due to a throbbing lower left jaw. Of course, it is a holiday and I cant see the dentist today. If anyone has any home tootache remedies PLEASE share. Nothing is working that I can come up with. My dad will get out the cotton balls soaked in whiskey later on today, I'm sure. Whiskey is pretty much the base of the Baird first-aid box. Lol.
Today is Thanksgiving - have a happy, peaceful and blessed day.

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