Friday, July 21, 2006

And Then The Walls Came Tumbling Down

All the signs were there if I had only read them properly. I was "empty head" tired today - I even took a nap, which I usually can only do when I'm big time sick, and my calves felt "empty tight" today... we warmed up on deadlifts, didn't feel bad, didn't feel "off', until I went to the bathroom after my 315 warmup - I felt some stabbing and pulling at the upper back of my thigh - enought to make me stop walking and notice it, and quickly question pursuing the workout.
However, I came back, started to pull on the 365 and BAM! The lower back nerves just started pulling every which way but loose. Holy %$#?!*$ Moving was excruciating for a little while. Jump RopeJohn, bless his heart, ran out to his car and got me some Motrin. At least I manged to become ambulatory when that kicked in, but Hell...this is not good...not good at all...
How will this pan out for next weekend? :( :( :( :( waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!
I did manage to get 3 sets of machine biceps in as well as 3 sets pullups...
This sucks, oh this sucks, it sucks it also hurts! I had to drive 6 miles home then climb up to the third floor...oh yes, this sucks.

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