Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saturday July 08 2:14 pm

Obviously, I suck at journal keeping...Let me backtrack to Wednesday evening, today being Saturday. We were contacted by the father of a powerlifter, a Special Olympian, who is currently training for our meet in September, the First State Power Frenzy. Jon is 24, he weighs 208 according to dad (Hank). Benched 350 at the Delaware Special Olympics this year. Anyhoo, Jon saw the pictures and videos of us posted on our site, and wanted to meet us and train with us while they were down this past week (they own a condo here at the beach). I invited him to come train with us Wednesday for bench night. What an inspiration! I could have been down crying about the digression of my bench (elaboration in a second) but how could I be anything but uplifted when in the prescence of such an angel? I think Jon benched 315 for 6 or 7 that night. He followed our whole routine to the letter. So strong, and so much more yet to be realized. I am humbled, I am honored, thank you Jon, for coming to train with me!

Now, the troubling part, I have lost my groove, I don't know where to find it. If I leave it alone, will it come home, wagging its tail behind it? Sure 275 for two is good for a woman my size, but let us consider a few mere months ago I was pushing 305 for two....

Last night,

Dealifts -365 for three, miss on a 385 (HMMPH!), 315 for 10...Elena Seiple was there helping my friend Justine with her posing routine (Justine looks grrrrrrrrrreat - next week I am sure she'll be crowned Ms. DE State). Elena gave me her "two cents" ...after I missed the 385.
I'll give the technique a go...letcha know next week.

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