Monday, July 03, 2006

I owe it to myself to keep this journal running...4 weeks out from the APA Virginia State, my wonderful friend Len Walker is producing this meet. B is going to compete, too! YAY!!!

Mondays, as always - leg night. It's the second night in my UB's (Universal Boots). I do believe that they are magic shoes. I feel so "grounded" in them. (And, most importanly, I look good in them! HAH!!!) Camellia Luprete from Texas designed these shoes. She impressed me, the shoes really impress me. We're putting the link to her site on Check them out.
This time around I am getting the proper amount of leg work in - last meet it was a mess with me getting sick , and B getting sick, and missing so much leg work. My squats are coming along nicely (we'll talk about benching and deads later).
I did a set of 405 for 3, then 405 for two, then 315 for 5 with NO knee wraps...on to three sets of hack squats, three of curls, and four of standing calves. I LOVE LOVE LOVE hack squats, but we have been training in gyms with poor excuses for hack squats for almost two years. Different gym now, decent hack squat, makes me happy. Last week I was forced to do front squats....after a set of 355 for 7 and 385 for 5. Torture, it was.

My hips and lower back are so tight and sore right now. It really is harder the older you get. I have to finally admit that. However, I will keep rebelling and pushing through it - all in the name of big bars and heavy random heavy circles....(quoting my son)

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