Sunday, September 10, 2006


Here is the newest injury -
The bruise starts at the back of my leg and wraps to the's about 8 inches long, 3 inches wide. There is still a big knot there. It is not painful...thank God. I felt an odd sensation in that spot during warmups for deadlifts when I squatted down. I was so worn out, was only going to deadlift, not do any other back motions...this sleep thing still is hampering me, wearing me way down. Sleep is NOT overated. I keep waking between sleep cycles, and staying awake. It is slowly improving, but I've still long strides, and many hours of sleep to make up. Anyhooooo, I did one at 365, no energy there to get another. It came up fast and easy, but by mid-point I was out of energy. Wisely, I stopped. I didn't think anything else of that spot until a couple of hours later when I stood up and felt a strange sort of pull...not really a pain. I touched it and felt a knot. Later that evening I spotted a small bruise and by yesterday morning - VOILA!!! B thinks it is some torn fibers...Let me not dwell on this for fear of depression.

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