Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesday morning

We started our weekly mission of traveling up to the Training Center to train last night. It is a fantastic, old school, hardcore gym - we love it. Jack, the owner, is so good to us by letting us come in whenever we can to train. FIRST - B tried on his new T REX squat suit. He went up to 845, and had absolutely NO PROBLEM with it...still about an inch and a half to legal depth, that will take a little more weight - maybe a hundred pounds. He was certainly born to squat!
Second- My leg bruise is distinctly darker, but I had no problems with it training legs last night. In fact, it was the other leg that felt like it was pulling last night. I leg pressed, and I love TTC's leg press. I did three sets, I did ? x 15, ? x15, and 1010 x 12....I hate high reps, but it was good to be able to do them considering my f'd up condition these past few weeks, and the mysterious bruise. I actually felt strong yesterday, and I miss squatting when I watch B, but doing them every other week is surely saving much wear and tear on my body.

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