Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Too much

Two nights of training back to back is definitely too much. Grrrrrrrroooooannnnn!!! We missed Monday because I had an unexpected root canal, hence Tuesday and Wednesday together... What a fine way to spend a Labor Day. Actually, during the root canal isn't so bad - I can't feel it while it's being performed, and my endodologist is adorable and funny and's afterwards, when the pain hits. The absolute worst part is the antibiotics - I abhor taking them, they make me feel snippy and tired and tense. I'm already snippy and tired and tense!!!Ever since the experiment gone awry last week, I have been a downright mess.
Insomnia has been plagueing me to top all of that off. It's bad when you go in public and have to hang on to countertops and such so you don't sway or fall over....Going in last night to do legs should have been a much more frightening thought than it was...and it WAS a frightening thought. Going under the squat bar with 400+ pounds when you have no equilibrium, a numb brain, get dizzy when you move too quickly, and your eyes are burning and feel like they are sliding down your face is very frightening. HOWEVER, I said to myself that if I just relaxed, and was careful, and instinctively used the knowledge and abilities that I have spent two years learning, I would be ok. My strength was not 100%, maybe 90 to 95%, but when I am forced to be in that mode my technique becomes not quite meticulous, but very good. It has to be.
It was actually a damned good workout. I did hit 425, betcha 445 would have happened. I didn't have OOMPH, though...oomph is where reps happen, without it, the energy to do more than a couple just peters me out.

I did sleep straight through last night more than I have in probably almost two weeks. I think 5 to 5 and a half hours...but with just one night of sleep after being wired out for so long - that's when my eyes roll to the back of my head and don't want to come out until perhaps one more night of uninterrupted sleep.
I moved into an "on beyond exhausted' stage this evening. All kinds of pains and tightness and an empty drained feeling in most every muscle belly in my body. It's not good - I need to eat and rest, and rest, and sleep, and replenish before bad things happen.
However, I can still bench 315 on a bad day, at 154 lbs.. It was a slow, long ascent, but I did foot slipped out from under me, methinks the tread on my tennie is worn and I just pushed so hard that it slipped from under me...wierd. I don't like that. We did alot of pure work tonight, I feel trained, but drained.
I look good!

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