Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day

Good thing I am on a diet, or I might be complaining that I was sitting here all alone with nary a place to go for the holiday - no BBQ's, no Happy Hours...actually, my downstairs neighbors have a garage that they have turned into a Tiki Bar - they have the grill for bbq fired up, they always have an open invitation for all of the neighbors. It's open, and they are serving! It's way cool.
I may go to the movies. There are loads of fireworks around here, but heck - the crowds!!! I live in a resort, and summer holidays are atrocious! Perhaps a scary movie at the theater is in order...I haven't been to a scary movie in ages. Alone, of course... :( :( :( I should go to the one theater that doesn't serve popcorn, because if I smell the popcorn, it is all over!!!
Actually, I am at my lean point today, I do believe, so I'm eating regular today. I have to carefully consider getting any leaner than this, as that will take away from the roundness and fullness that I have worked so hard these past 6 months to create. I am already feeling stick-like, and I think that staying the course at this point, and just manipulating the water out of my system is the way to go for me to step on stage. I don't feel big and muscular at all. I feel very curvy, and feminine, and ok, I admit, quite sexy...(did I say that?) ooohhhh...

My strength is still down, but that's ok, as long as I can acknowledge that it is from lack of fuel and this long drawn out diet that seems like it is never going to end...I've been on it forever, or so it seems....

Sometimes I get asked what else I do for fun... not that there is much time for other activities, but sometimes I do get out and go target shooting with my busines partner / friend Jody, who is THE firearms expert and enthusiast. I have a 9mm (German Makarov) and a 45 (Bersa sub compact). Me thinks its time for some target practice. I'm a pretty darned good shot, if I do say so myself. I also like to practice throwing knives, but I pretty much suck at that. I have a small compilation of knives and swords, the focus mostly on interesting switchblades. Big shiny blades mesmerize me...HAH! I don't have any very recent pictures of me shooting, but here are two from about three years ago -

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