Monday, July 09, 2007

I trained legs on a Sunday, yesterday, due to the fact that I have a photoshoot on Tuesday, and we are doing a "run through" prior to the show, for the shoot, and training them yesterday was the only solution, unless I didn't do them at all...that was not an option!
These pics were shot immediately after training legs, so I was not as sharp as prior to, and I was pretty much on the verge of falling over, having used up all of my energy reserves, mind you!!

The Nautilus Duo Squat is currently my favorite leg movement. We are still doing pre-exaustion because I'm still weak as a kitten (purrrrrr).
Tuesday I have a photo shoot with two photographers at the same time!!! One of them being the world famous Kevin Fleming. He has won numerous awards worldwide, covers of Newsweek, National Geographic, etc., people pay multiple thousands of dollars for his work, so having the opportunity to spend several hours having him shoot lil' ol me is an honor!
Yes, a "run through". I will be tightening up and hardening up considerably these next two weeks. I have to eat a ton of food these next few days - I was 150 yesterday, that being my lowest as I still expect to weigh in around 152-153. I am halfway tempted to break out the Little Debbies, but I will save those until after the show. I did buy myself a box of Zebra Cakes to take with me - they are packed already (the only thing that is thus far!!!)


Anonymous said...

Where and when are you competing? I keep trying to find it on your site, but have not found it.

Kate Baird said...

July 21 NPC Masters Nationals
in Pittsburgh -