Thursday, January 17, 2008


When I'm congested I frequently have the urge to clamp my nose and mouth shut and just blow. It hurts my eardrums, usually ,but I keep hoping that it will unclog my upper respiratory tract.
That's what I feel like doing - It's raining heavily here today. A good day for wearing a flannel shirt and curling up in a blankie and big fuzzy slippers, and a steamy bowl of soup and a grilled swiss cheese...I'm going through this phase of craving swiss cheese constantly . I've actually pursued the flannel shirt, the blankie, the fuzzy slippers, and the soup part, need to go for the swiss cheese now. I'm trying to figure out what this swiss cheese craving means's got to mean something. I don't want cheddar, American, or any other kind of cheese, just swiss. I ran out of wine so I'm sipping on a Jack Daniels and TAB...drop of lemon juice. mmmm.....
Anyhooo - trained chest last night. Since I had been sick for so long, I probably should have backed off a little more than I did, well, actually I didn't back off at all. It went very decent. I haven't lost any strength, so that is good. I did my typical pause benching with 245x6 and 275x 3 and a half...used my new APT Strangulator wrist wraps. I liked them a heck of alot more than I imagined that I would. In fact, I loved them. APT tells me he is coming out with the Strangulator knee wraps in a couple of weeks - I'm looking forward to those! I have not done a touch and go bench for so long, I wondered if I could even get it in my head to do one. I always pause my rep on my chest, at least one second if not a full two seconds. But just for the heck of it I did do 315 touch and go for a couple. If I didn't exhaust myself on the first two pause sets, I'm sure more would have been there. In fact, it's about time I test a 335 again, I do believe. Next time? maybe - If one has never paused a bench rep before, then one has no concept of the difference that pause makes in handling the weight.
Gearing up for the big Delaware Chapter Animal Pak gathering next weekend at The Training Center, in New Castle DE. This is going to be a wild, kicking time! Big Al Fortney is at the helm of this event. Lots of ANIMALS from all over the palce getting together to train, network, and have FUN!!! Can't wait!

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