Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Delaware Animal Barbell Club

So maybe the reason I am still sitting here feeling like doggie doo is my fault - I push myself and push myself, Right over the proverbial edge, time and time again. I don't give myself a break (not in many respects). So here I am still feeling like razors are lining my throat.

I went to the DE Animal Barbell Club gathering at The Training Center on Saturday. I rode up with GW in his cool car ( a 2006 Corvette - blood red ...ooohh -Vroom Vroom). Now I guess I could have just hung back, and networked with my friends and some new faces, and ate the delicious meatballs that Chrissy Osborne made, and the other tasty morsels that were spread out...but, when you are in a roomful of dozens and dozens of people who are training HARD, all with INTENSITY, all with serious ENERGY... The atmosphere was one of rarity and purpose. Wow! I'm not sure I can describe it. It was FIERCE! And there was a DJ playing some hard driving music, and I often say that music can make or break your training session. (When I used to train at Gold's in Rehoboth almost always there was this LOUD disco music on, and not even good disco, it was like disco - light, but LOUD and irritating...)

Back to the Animal Pak event. All of the people there were having great workouts, it was a roomful of really nice people, alot of really BIG people, no make that HUGE people, and some really strong people...

SO how could I NOT train???? Especially since I knew GW needed a workout partenr ...OK, so that's an excuse... I did do a few less sets,
since I was illin', but I did do some heavy db rows - the 190's for a couple of sets of 6 reps, and the 170's for 10( Jack, one of the owners, said that since the gym is finally in the red that 200's are going to be coming soon! My mouth is frothing at that thought!) A couple of sets of shrugs and some biceps.
I'm sure staying home resting was the better of the options, but HECK! It was FIERCE !!! That kind of ANIMAL INTENSITY is hard to come by. I am thrilled to have experienced the day!

Here is Big Al Fortney and "McFly", who were largely responsible for organizing the event for ANimalPak. And Jack Osborne, owner of TTC and myself -

We did leave early, if that is any consolation... Hell, who am I trying to convince??? Myself? Yes, I'm in a physical hole again - now I'm just trying to heal and carry on...

GW rowing a 190!
Me rowing - That's only a 170!
Perhaps it is best that I don't have that atmosphere to train around often, for surely I would be dead.

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