Friday, January 25, 2008


I have a very real desire to just take the rest of the winter off and hibernate under the covers, in bed, don't get up for anything, except maybe the potty and a hot toddy from time to time. -[rhyme time! :-) ] I felt good on Tuesday...FINALLY! Then I start to feel like Maybe I'm not completely recovered. Last night I had a bad sore throat. I went back to see the doctor today and he said for sure I killed off the thing that I have, however, I managed to catch the other nasty thing that is going around invading people's respiratory systems!
More antibiotics for me... this month has been just terrible physically. When I said I catch everything, I meant EVERYTHING!!!

I didn't have my normal strength last week, but I did want to deadlift, so I did 315 for reps, and so here is a picture, albeit not a very clear one, of why I hate deadlifting for reps. The red on my thighs is blood smeared from the bar. I always break open a spot above at least one of my knees. This day I broke both legs open, plus one of my shins was bleeding, too! Lovely?

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