Thursday, January 03, 2008

Black market light bulbs

Monday I was able to train legs with GW !!! I miss training with GW, but he had to take a new job, working for the sheriff at all times of the night and day, so it is hard to catch up with him. I miss his energy. He probably doesn't like to harp on the fact that he just turned 60, but heck, a GW at 60 is akin to most guys at sprightly ol' geezer you, GW (I know you read this blog). I enjoyed that much -
New Year's - the "thing" finally came to get's been creeping up for a week or so now. Swollen glands, congestion, fatigue -New Year's Eve it had me curled up under the blankie, and so on New Years' Day...then I felt a bit better, oh how convenient - just in time to go to the gym last night! And I could still bench press 275 x4 (all PAUSED) and 295 x 1 with the "thing". I had a decent workout, love those kettle bell side laterals,and whirlpooled afterward, but I think I pushed myself just a wee bit too far and so I got thrown far over the edge. Today I have just been feeling extra rotten. Oh, you kow I'm feeling sick when I turn down an invitation to see the PBR live (in New York this weekend). Oh, all those cowboys....sigh....Time to break out the dictionary and look up that four letter word again - R-E-S-T before I push myself into a bad state.
So my fingers are feeling the wrath of illness, I'm tired and typing is becoming a chore - I was going to go off on a tangent about the government wanting to ban incandescent lightbulbs and push cancer causing - ill making, mercury and EMF laden flourescents upon us. Some day you will find out that it is not the sun causing the skin cancers, it is the flourescent lights in your office, in your stores, in your schools, in your doctor's office - oh look, I went off on a tangent...
I hope I do not see the day when I have to go to the black market to by my light bulbs.

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