Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Killing the Thing

I won't be talking about training today, for I haven't set foot in the gym for a week now - this evil "thing" has really grabbed onto me and given me a hell of a ride this past week and a half. I finally went to see the doctor this morning, and he prescribed me a lovely antibiotic. The "thing" starts as a general flu-like illness. Makes you sleepy and lethargic and want to stay curled up under your blankie with a good book and a glass of orange juice for a day or two. Then just when you think you might be shaking it off - BAM!!! It invades your digestive sytem. Nausea and a need to stay near the bathroom for a couple more days, then again just when you are shaking that feeling off - BAM AGAIN !!! - Most people are winding up with an ugly case of bronchitis. However, it decided to settle in my sinuses. My sinuses are so swollen it looks like I have cotton balls stuffed in my cheeks! My poor sinuses have put up with alot in this lifetime... anyhooo, looks like I'm going to live thorugh this thing, but I'm still not out of the woods, yet. It was a good excuse to stay curled up like a slug in front of the tv and watch PBR Saturday night, Sunday afternoon, and Sunday night... though, as I stated before, I would have rather been well and seen it in person in NYC. I have so many favorites, but I'm sticking with JB Mauney again this year, and I always like LJ Jenkins - he is always so calmand cool looking, and for some reason I find myself rooting heavily for Luke Snyder this year...

As most people realize, real estate is NOT a booming business right now, though Jody and I are relatively busy with inquiries and such...thankfully. We are working with just as many "potential buyers" as we usually are at this time of year. This is due to our website being the premiere real estate website in the mid-atlantic resort region. How's that for a plug? It really is, however, and we are going to be upgrading it soon to an even better, more informative and "cutting edge" site, so Delaware resort real estate buyers, stay posted!!

Here I am rowing the 190 lb. dumbell (yes it really is - I can get 6 good reps or so myself weighing in at 170 lbs. ). I like looking at things like this when I feel weak as a kitten, when all I feel like lifting is a ball of yarn, just to remind me that soon I will be better and hoisting the heavy iron again... This was taken by Bill Jentz at the Training Center in New Castle, DE back in October for the long awaited Women's Physique World Kate Baird DVD, part 2...HAH!!! ANd, of course, I am wearing my APT wrist straps! It was so hot in the gym that day, I'm surprised I didn't wind up as a mere steaming pool of sweat on the floor when we were done.

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