Sunday, February 17, 2008

IronFest a Success!

Apologies for ignoring my blog posting for so long ~ I have been BIZZY!! Thankfully, my real estate business is going through some up times, rather than seeing the flat line that so many real estate agents are seeing on a regular basis.
I've been feeling healthy these past couple of weeks! My son did have a 104 + temperature yesterday, however, and I'm praying alot and washing my hands with 99% isopropyl alcohol frequently. No more being sick, puhleeeez!!! Hopefully I've already had what he has - it is hard to tell!
I haven't yet DELVED back into training...not YET! I've been doing half volume sessions, and stepping back from the crazy intensity schemes. Just getting back to normal is feeling good, though mentally it is tough to hold back!

Yesterday was the DE Open IronFest and Firm Fitness Challenge! It was a BLAST! I am so extremely blessed to have had such a great crew helping me out with this meet! It could not have run smoother or better! Thank you George Wilson, Mike Pennington, Dan Long, Billy Eastridge, Len Walker, Teri Mangini, Justine Dohring, (and Dave ? for the use of your pick up truck to hoist the bench in.) Joel Goldberg - Species man - brought all kinds of goodies from Species Nutrition ( and Alan Thomas sent his usual box o' goodies from APT ( I was able to raffle off $125 of tickets for gift bags full of both of their wares. Once again, I will donate the monies to Special Olympics of Delaware (always in honor of my hero - Jon Stoklosa and his dad Hank).
We only had 16 total competitors, but most of them did multiple events. I was very pleased to see some regular competitors from my past meets, and some new ones. I truly think the highlight of my day was seeing little Marisol Alarcon do the deadlift for reps! Women had to use bodyweight - she used 120 lbs, and did an amazing 50 reps! And that was AFTER she set a state record in her weight class in the regular deadlift! I am sure she is a-hurtin' today! Many of the lifters hit PRs, and there may be more records set, but I have yet to review the records lists. Mark Obey's 35 reps at 160 lbs. looked EFFORTLESS until the last one...geez...and Guilherme Oleivera was the sole Tire flipper who set a new PR and house record! I'm going to have to include those special events in more of the meets.
Paul Timmons was a real trooper letting us overtake his gym(Firm Fitness Center in Rehoboth Beach DE) for the day. Of course, he was set on setting a deadlift record himself, which he did in the 165 raw division of 485. YAY Paul! was a good day!

I hope to be back to my regular training this week!

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