Wednesday, February 27, 2008


How about that Renato Nunes on Chicken on a Chain for 95.75 ?!!! Holy Cow (that's a pun!)!!!
Renato makes it looks as if the Bull is the one who has to conquer Renato, instead of the other way around.

I'm still feeling very,very good physically (what's up with that?!!) albeit a bit tired, but that's just because it is the last week of February - the longest week of the year, especially on a leap year! At least the sun is shining this morning. Those cold, grey,damp February days just bite me up.
Isn't there a rumor that when you see the Robin Red Breast, it is a sign of Spring? I saw two of them the other day, so I am hopeful.

Monday - legs. Good session tho' uneventful. Hammer Strength leg presses...I used to not like that machine, but I have definitely grown to like it alot. As much as one can like a leg press, anyway...
Benches last night. They went well, very well. I have been tryingto incorporate a wrist rotation for, gosh, a really, really long time. Last night I was able to finally bring that in, though a couple of times on the last few hard presses I did forget to rotate. 245 x 7(and some help on #8) and 285 x 3. (yes, all paused) GW said they looked really good, tight and solid, but most importantly they FELT like the bench I have been wanting for so long.

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