Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Climbing out of the Hole

What is winter on the Delamarva peninsula like? Today it is 72 degrees, not sunny, but warm. This Sunday it is supposed to be 32 degrees and snow. That's a typical winter on the Delmarva Penisnsula - up and down weather. No wonder we all get sick.
I started feeling better the very end of last week, but still had a few days of antibiotics, and let me tell you, antibiotics kick my butt! Now I am through the meds, but the wrath of being sick for a month and two rounds of antibiotics has caught up to me. I am dragging not only butt, but face.
I'm won't be bouncing back, it will be more like a slow climb out of the hole. It will remain to be seen what it does to my July plans and expectations for the Masters.
Then I had to finally get that tooth in my mouth drilled off yesterday, so we can crown it. I'm sure all of that novacaine in my face and the invasion itself doesn't help with the recovery.
I weigh under 170 today. I'm so worn out, boys and girls.
I went for a walk Sunday, because I woke up feeling great! But I still had the meds in my system - I got a couple of blocks down the street then realized that it was probably not in my best interests to be out there walking, but I still had to turn around and cover the distance home. Wow - that was a horrible experience. Needless to say, I still feel very weak, hence I'm not even thinking about hefting around big pounds - I'm just thinking that I need to get my big butt healthy, or I may as well consider falling completely apart.
I did go for a longer walk last evening, however, and it was a much better experience, albeit strange to consider walking such a big to-do physically.
DE Open IronFest next weekend - February 16th! Shaping up to be a decent event. I was more fearful that it would be too big of an event for the facilities, so I kept the marketing down. I think it will be just as Baby Bear likes - just right... we are being sponsored by APT Prowriststraps - thank you dear ALAN THOMAS! And also by Species Nutrition, thank you Joel Goldberg!
We've got an "eclectic" roster of competitors, and I'm looking forward to seeing them lift.

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