Saturday, February 23, 2008


Deadlifting - I am trying all kinds of things to try to keep that friggin' bar from hitting those spots right above my knees. Not only am I building up scar tissue there, but I am tired of being a bloody mess every time I deadlift. Wide feet, close feet, sit back further, adjust this and that - no deal, short of holding the bar way out from my legs, and that obviously won't work... Boy, was I sore this morning. I had trouble arising from a laying position to standing. I guess I deadlifted hard last night. Good thing Midway Fitness has that terrific, spacious and relaxing whirpool to soak in!!! Aaaaaaaaaahhhh -
I haven't been sore in my hips and low back like this for awhile. I'm trying to work on this little "moment" in my deadlifting. Right there after I grasp the bar, I need to just go. If I have even one split second of slowing down, hesitation, questioning my grip or stance, it all becomes lost. That's where some people focus, but I need to just rip it. I've not been able to just let go and rip the past several times I've deadlifted. I can still get 405 on my off days, but I want 405 x multiple every that too much for a girl to ask? Actually, I admit, my legs were still just a bit beat up from "delving" in on Monday, but it was as usual a great back workout. I have to keep trying to keep up w/ GW... he puts me to shame with all of that energy he has sometimes. (Keep feeding me those pancakes, GW and I'll be able to keep hangin' !)
And - I have to stop questioning the bar once it does come off of the ground. Like - it gets to about mid-shin and I mentally question to myself - "is it really moving?" Why do I do that? If it moves, just go with it. I'm not sure if I can explain that, but it is a problem I am consistently working on. Confidence, I suppose, is the key there.

I still am entirely not fond of training my biceps.

Have younz ever seen the show Intervention? I cannot watch that show without using a half a box of kleenex to get through it. I just cannot imagine the mental anguish some people live with and go through to get to such low points in their lives. Every time I watch it, whatever episode is on stays with me for days - it is probably a good show for teenagers to be mandated to watch so they can see the unglamorous side of addictions. I would be pulling my son in to watch it with me, but he is not with me on Monday evenings. So far, he is a wonderful kid, but the ever- analyzing Mommy radar is always on the alert!!!

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mochamoe said...

intervention is great tv. should be shown in high schools and middle level. wish they had long term follow-up. amazing what people and families will share.
.........sorry nothing about deadlifting