Thursday, February 21, 2008


I have now officially "delved" back into training, though I have still stopped a couple of sets short of the usual volume. GW and I squatted the other night - it went well. Both of us needed to get reaquainted with having the bar across our backs. Both of us did three sets w/ 315 7 - 10 reps no wraps or anything. It is Thursday, and my legs are still a bit sore!

Last night we trained with "Broc the Rock". 20 years old - oh to be young and innocent again - snicker :) - I didn't feel like my full strength was there, but the usual poundage did go upward.

275 for three (yes, always paused) and then a 315 touch and go...did a negative 365. B told me once I should be doing negatives with 405 at this point... perhaps 385 ? , but I'm thinking 405 would just kind of go WHUMP once it left the rack???

I was elected the DE State APA Chairman the other day...

Here are a few photos from the meet - my favorite is UGA the bull dog puppy - Paul and Marisol's new baby, mascot of the Firm Fitness Center! He is absolutely the cutest doggie in existence!

The gang I gues I'll call "Team Firm" -Broc Townsend, Paul Timmons, Marisol Alarcon, and Guilherme Oliveira.
Little Marisol deadlifted a state record for a 245 pull at 116.8 lbs.

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