Friday, August 15, 2008

And FURTHER more....

Those that know me well know that I hate TYPOS - spelling and grammatical typos - I abhor them! So, my last post I reread after posting and caught it - the word FARTHER should be FURTHER! I used to excel in English and I was a proofreader for a couple of years. Couple that with SPELLCHECK and there should NEVER be any typos in my postings, right????!!!

This week was mostly high reps with medium weight. Wednesday Zach and I trained without GW. We both showed up in a sluggish state. Zach and I decided to go for lots of reps really fast, so we plugged on through the workout on high speed. My shoulders and triceps felt like they were going to split open and send muscle fibers and blood splattering everywhere. They were swolt to the MAX!!! I can't remember exactly what we did, and not sure it matters.

Tonight, back and biceps night - GW and I did lots of reps again. My muscles have been feeling very "depleted" lately. I'm surprised that they got so pumped and full of blood again.
I have been drinking the AtLargeNutrition Results, and I have a suspicion that the stuff is actually Good Stuff!

I did stop taking vitamin supplements several weeks ago, because of my sensitivities to certain supplements and my insomnia, I thougt it might be best to "dry out" for awhile. I could tell, however, when I went to the dentist the other day for a check-up and cleaning, that when my gums bled so heavily from just a typical scraping that I was in need of some serious vitamin replenishment. I started taking some again yesterday in small doses.

Here is a picture of me after our workout tonight.

I hadn't measured any of my bodyparts in God knows how long, but I measured my biceps for the heck of it this evening. They looked as if they have grown in the past few weeks, and, by cracky, they have!!! They are, officially, now for the first time, larger than my calves! Not good - they have always been the same I have to bring the calves back up!
No, I am not going to state how big either measured. They are as big as they are.
I hate when people get caught up in measurements...however, they are pretty big! LOL!!! Heck, I weighed in at 171.2 at the gym tonight - I gained about 15 pounds in 4 weeks... YIKES!!!

Last Saturday I went to lunch with the "gals" at Kelly's Logan House in Wilmington, DE after the DE State bodybuilding pre-judging. Here we are- in order- figure competitor Nicole Fisher, Powerlifter Teri Mangini (front), bodybuilder Colleen Mahoney-Sgro, bodybuilder Justine Dohring, and ME(whetever I am) ...Colleen was on a diet for the Team U, but those other women, GAWDDD...can they EAT!!!


Anonymous said...

Question: Do you have to pay an "energy surcharge" on the food bill for having to crank the AC up for having so many hot women in one place at one time? ;-)

Anonymous said...

good thing i am moving to THE BEACH... i need a tan!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Kate -- Since you opened the door to the whole grammar thing, try finding "swolt" in any dictionary...

On the other hand, your arms are spectacular. If you want to say they're "swolt", who am I to quibble?

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