Monday, August 04, 2008

Posted August 04 2008

I am still not sleeping everynight, more like every other night or so. Sleep deprivation has drained SO MUCH 'joie de vivre' out of me. I miss my self.
I found this moniker on a forum the other day ( - yes, that's a plug).
I thought it so appropriate to my state of mind and physical being these days that I wanted to share it:

I am broken, battered, beaten down. I am tired and near defeat. But I will wage the fight one more day, and one more after that.

Keep on keepin' on....

It's been a whole entire week and I haven't benched, deadlifted or squatted! How long can that last????I've kept my reps high(er) for the most part and I'm into savoring the feeling of the whole groove of each rep... I got an incredible 'swole on' Wednesday evening. Maybe that was partly due to the AT LARGE NUTRITION RESULTS (another plug) GW and Zach did benches, but I opted for incline dumbells. I only went up to 100's - that was pure sapped of strength levels rather than wanting to keep the reps higher - honestly they weren't all that high at 5. Those are 90's in the picture. I kept the other two sets at 90's x 8. We all did decline db's for 3 sets and I forget what the third movement was....?

Shoulders we did one armed lateral raises. I like using a kettlebell for these. This is still one of my all time favorite exercises, and I can go all day doing these if you let me...We did upright row-pull in thingies...(technical term). Those should have been done on back/trap day rather than chest/delt day...and I think my traps are STILL feeling the wrath of those. Holy heck!
Triceps we did dumbell skull crushers and I forget what else...that's what happens when you wait 5 days to blog. I obviously do not keep an 'official' workout log, other than this blog.

Saturday was one of the most humid days of the year. The gym was void of enough oxygen to go around...breathing was rather difficult even before we commenced training. Once we began our breathing was quite labored to say the least. It must have been the combination lack of air and valium hangover ,(my current sleep aid) for me but I felt very close to puking during much of the workout. (just thought I'd share that lovely thought with you). We started with Reverse grip barbell rows. I need to hit that lower lat area as much as I can . I'm concentrating on bringing out the lowest part of my lats. I don't think my upper back is lacking as much as my mid-back area. Did 225 x 15, 275 x 6, 225 x 13. After those - one armed cable rows from the bottom cable. I haven't done those in years. I usually do cable rows from the top . The bottom is a much more difficult movement, at least for me - I love this movement. Stiff armed pulldowns next. GW did regular db shrugs. I did more of a lat movement, where you actually try to do a lat spread while holding the dumbells.
The real reason for that was that my traps were still in agony from Wednesday!
Biceps - I still don't enjoy doing biceps, but I actually think they have added a smidgeon of thickness to them as of the late. We did incline kettlebell curls, and regular hammer curls.

I'm not eating enough. It is hard to stuff my face when it is so hot out. I keep reaching for cold fruit and popsicles, not exactly foods to beef up with. I'm hanging around 163.

I want to give a great big shout to my friend Andy Sedar who will be competing in his first show this coming weekend - The Delaware State. I haven't seen " McFly" in about 5 weeks or so, but I hear he is looking "spot on". I know the man has the drive, determination, and the heart it takes to do well in bodybuilding. He is also trained by the incredible Big Al Fortney. I hope to be able to make it up to see Andy kick some glute up on stage this weekend. GO ANDY!!!

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