Friday, August 22, 2008

Medius Maximus

I finally have to admit - I'm on the BIG side now. I weighed in at 172.8 yesterday. I had a photoshoot last Friday afternoon. I keep looking at those pictures saying "Holy Moly - is that big broad me???!!!" I still have veins poking through in my biceps and striated shoulders and triceps...YIKES! No six pack in the ab department, but HECK! Those stay covered up for the most part anyway - who cares!!! Well, OK, I care... but it is only temporary. I have a 2 pack!

If I can maintain my upper body right where it is through to next year, I'll be happy. My legs, however...They are not small - but it always comes down to the friggin' shape, a uniquely shaped gam, and they need to be extra big to WOW. Speaking of shape -

I was watching the Olympic track and field games last night. They were showing clips of sprinter
Tyson Gay, and I thought to myself - That is one BIG butt! His gluteus medius is H_U_G_E!!!! Then I thought to myself - I am shaped just like him! That's the same butt I have! I don't know why I brought that up, except to say that I do need to find a way to shave some of that gluteus medius off. To me, it is disproportionately HUGE!!! Might be a good thing I cannot squat!

The Hammer Strength Leg Press does indeed keep the stress on my thighs rather than my glutes. I had this "wonderful" idea that GW and I should do pause reps with that machine the other night. My legs are still sore from that escapade - i can't wait to do them again! If you have never used that machine - it starts you in the down position, the initial push off is the hardest part. You have all of the weight stress upon you when your legs are extended. Why in the world it was not designed with a lever ?????
But a couple of sets of those paused suckers will be sure to bloat anybody's legs!
Last night I winged through my chest, delts and tris by myself...all alone. That is when I take the time to do all of the exercises that GW absolutely hates and won't do. I'm really out of practice jumping the dumbells up from my thighs to my chest - LOL...well, not really funny. I just about killed myself last night in the process!

I know I keep touching on this subject, however, At Large Nutrition - RESULTS... the stuff is really good stuff. I mix up a drink and sip it throughout my workout. Every time I use it I get such an incredible swollen feeling. Me likes!!!

Alright - one teaser from last Friday:

I will give younz another teaser - next time I have my picture taken I'll look a little different...but I'm not saying why just yet!!! GIGGLE :)


JC said...

you hit 175 yet?

Kate Baird said...

not YET - but soon! :)

Anonymous said...

No way is yours "disproportionately HUGE". Besides, even IF it that a bad thing? ;-)