Sunday, August 31, 2008

inactive REST duty

We are taking a week of rest from the gym. No injuries, just need to do that every now and then. One step backward - several steps forward.

Here is the Zacheroo I spoke of a few times . He left us to go back to school in Indiana. Hey Zach, we missed you the other night! Keep Lifting! I want to see you in the racing pool in London in 2012!

I am starting to feel FRENZIED!!! The 3rd annul First State Power Frenzy is now 4 weeks away. This one is definitely going to be a FRENZY! I promise you that! It is being held at The Training Center in New Castle, DE. You can find an entry on, or e-mail me for details. All signs indicate that there will be some big lifts at this event, and lots of is not even allowed to compete at my meets without having FUN! If you are a sourpuss - stay home. And if you can't tolerate fair judging - stay home. My judges, if not certified -and several are - including myself, are at least active competitive powerlifters and are very competent in judging fairly and correctly.

Congratulations to Lori Steele for winning her class at The North Americans last night. She is a little fireball, for sure!

I am hanging right around 172'ish - I gave up the Little Debbie cakes this time around. I am substituting Jello Pudding Snacks and frozen coconut fruit bars... I've lost my "sweet" tooth, and the Debbie Cakes are just too sweet for me any more. I have to figure away to add more calories into my diet without noticing, as eating is once again become a chore...BIG is the word this time.

My plan is to do a smaller show sometime early next year, and then onto the Masters.

And for certain people who actually have the balls to tell me my "work ethic" as a bodybuilder isn't up to snuff - I scoff. You know who you are...and if you truly believe that, then, and I will put this politely, you are wrong. The proof is always in the pudding, as they say, (not Jello Pudding - hah!) and instead of elaborating on your obviously uneducated statements...I'll just show you with results in a few months down the road.

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