Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Okeedokee - I believe I have had enough "recovery" training... I will be honest, to more fit the mold of the winning "female bodybuilder", I should be training more now with the higher reps, honing and refining and shaping the muscles. I've already built them.....but H-e- double hockey sticks I need to train heavy.

Had a typically GOOD training day for legs Sunday. Nautilus leg press pausing the reps, breaking the high rep disdain/cardio revoltion with 3 sets of step-up on a bench with 25lb. dumbells. Talk about panting...I'm still panting from those. Sissy squats and leg curls. For calves we went silly and did seated calf exchange, sucha s we do the barbell exchange - 20/18/16/etc. down to 2 then rep out. Wildly effective it was.

Back to benching Tuesday night ...aaaaahhhhh :) I think my strength was bigger than my steam was last night, because I easily did 230 for 10, almost thought I was going to get my first dozen with 230...but my steam petered out first...250 for 6 and 280 for 3...405 for a 15 second static, and it was a damned good static if I do say so myself. Hips and legs stayed very stable, triceps were feeling big and strong....loved it loved it loved it.

I did speed work for legs with Brad again tonight. I hereby refer to Brad as Gymbag - a name we deemed him a few years ago, dumb story, and I just have a hard time referring to him as anything other than Gymbag. I finally got that box squat thing down on the last set - go down then back....We did 6 sets of 3 with the green bands, 4 sets of 5 good mornings, I think 6 sets of 6 stiff legged deadlifts, and 4 or 5 sets of calves on the smith machine.

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