Friday, January 23, 2009


Bronchial Infection - that's what I've got...and of course, it's really got me good...or bad, as it may be... :(

so, that is why the steam wasn't there on Tuesday, and it certainly wasn't there Thursday night, though the strength was. I will give a good piece of advice - don't deadlift with a respiratory illness. I was feeling like my lungs were ablaze and were about to burst. You know what your lungs feel like when you run some distance in sub-freezing weather? That's what it felt like.

I couldn't help but deadlift though...we hadn't done them is so very long - the bar was calling to me. Strengthwise I felt good, mentally on the ball....unfortunately the bronchial thing hindered my breathing...oh well, can't have everything....only did two sets. 320 x 10 and 370x 6. Can't wait to do some more when the PowerGoddess is healthy again. However, I am sure that I am feeling the wrath of those and the rest of the workout today because I am feeling B-A-D BAD!!!!

Bad as in NOT GOOD....

The rest of the workout was great - cable rows, stiff arm pull downs, dumbell shrugs, cable curls, down the rack hammer curls...felt big and bloated and sore! All good!

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