Saturday, January 31, 2009

Magnetic Pull

You would THINK that since I have been lying around RESTING (resting my proverbial ass off - and that is ALOT of resting!!!!) this past week + that I would have found some time to post in this here blog of mine. That is what one would think, anyway.... I have had too much frustration cursing within to want to touch upon anything that has to do with training, since I have had to abstain. Why, you ask? Couple a bronchial infection with a misaligned rib. Not a pleasant combination. The deep down hacking and coughing severely aggravated what may have been a minor irritation and transformed that into a major annoyance.

My dearly beloved chiropractor has been practicing his trade upon me every day. Progress is ever so slowly being made. And thanks to all of the therapeutic stretching and other tedious, painful but miracuously helpful things I have been subjecting myself to, dear Chiro has been having a much easier time getting things in me to relax and move about. :) :) :)

As a last resort remedy and mostly to appease a client of mine whi is a devout magnetic therapy enthusiast, I slapped a big old magnetic upon my leg one day. Diane suggested I try it, and so to make it that I would not lie to her when I told her I had tried it, I used a megnet that she had kindly given me for my back when I was having back pain ( it didn't work well for the back).

The voodoo Gods have are setting me free! I am, to say the least, flabbergasted, astounded, awed, amazed, thankful, happy.... I can now squat with body weight only all the way butt-to-floor without pain and strain for the first time in over a year! No, I am not ready to squat again, but I will be, I WILL be.... Doubt if ye must, as I once did, but I believe in the benefits of magnetic therapy!

Let me throw in a visual as I have been lax in providing photos lately. This was two weeks ago sissy squating. Do I look tankesque or what?

I am down to a mere 185 today, had been all the way up to 187 + for a few days last week.

Whose going to win the Superbowl??? The STEELERS!!!!!!!!

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