Tuesday, January 13, 2009


For the past 2 weeks I have been training higher reps - mostly 10 - 15, sometimes 20....what a remarkable difference in recovery. I even trained 2 days in a row, which is not something I can normally do without "overreaching".

Not too very long ago, I sat down to coffee with someone and he told me that I really am "not a bodybuilder", because all of the bodybuilders he knows train 5 and 6 days a week. That statement is absurd. What, I don't "sacrifice" myself enough??? I guess what I do and how I do it doesn't work??? Let me check the mirror again. Perhaps someone installed fun-house mirrors in my house to make me look more muscular and shapely than I really am. Sure, if I trained lighter and less intensley I could definitely train more, but ergo the old quality vs quantity comparison. I dont like training less intensley - I have to use all of what I bring, and leave the gym with no reserves in the tank. I go to challenge myself, not save myself so I have enough energy for tomorrow's workout.

Last night I trained with my friends Brad and Bruce. They do their training powerlifter style - ME and speed days, chains bands and boards etc. I jumped in for speed training for legs. We used bands for box squats, good mornings, (always love good mornings!),siff legged deads, hyperextensions with bands, and speed leg extensions. I thoroughly enjoyed this new and bizarre ( for me) way of training. I can definitely see how it could help my squat (if I could squat - woe poor pitiful me). My squat has never been one of good technique, no hip thrust at all - now here comes the however.... :( However, my leg is so very traumatized this morning. It did not seem to bother me during the training, not until we got to leg extensions. However again, this morning my left IT band is hammering out the beat to some heavy death-core song. Sigh....

I got all amped and fuzzied up doing a powerlifting type workout - every time I think I can get over it, powerlifting, here it comes again.

On a positive note I have finally surpassed the 185 lb. mark.

May 09 2009 - 4th Annual APA Delaware Power Classic at the Training Center in New Castle DE. My baby!

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