Sunday, December 17, 2006


I forgot to mention that the other night I switched benching shoes again. I tried out my motorcycle boots, heels rather than flats. Lo and behold, I will have to try again to reconfirm, but I do believe I have found my new official benching shoes!They make me feel more "elevated", even when laying down, hence, the feeling of elevating my chest to the bar is more natural.
I just bought some new flat footwear for deadlifting last night. I will be trying those out come next Friday. I'm wondering if there is anybody out there as concerned with their footwear (ok...entire wardrobe) for their lifting as I am? I will point out, in my defense, that I have nerve damage in the balls of both feet, and footwear for everyday wear has to pass the support and comfort test. Then, if you ever get a chance to look at my arches - these are what I called "high-heeled" feet. My arches are so high that it makes the curvature at the top of my feet elevated, hence alot of shoes don't fit along the top...I am always aware of my feet.

Friday was back and it always is. I was still beat up from Wednesday's gold star workout, hence I did some higher reps for a change, not for every set, but for much of the session. I am still sore today, but I don't feel like I was in a train wreck, just sore from training. My left wrist and elbow are a bit distressed, probably from Wednesday, I'll keep them monitored. I couldn't do dumbell curls, they aggravated the elbow/bicep.

Christmas is next week - I'm all done my shopping, I've got my condominium decorated, but I need a little spark to light my Christmas spirit this year...any one got a match?

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