Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve...Santa said I was bad again this year... :( :( No presents for me under the tree again.
Some people stop and say thanks at this time of year - I try to start EVERY day by thinking of three things (at least) that I am thankful for. This practice helps me put my life into perspective, and sometimes, when I wake up crusty and crabby and mean, it helps soften my edges.
Until yesterday, I hadn't trained since Monday, when I strained my knee. A time out period has been calling me and I have been ignoring it (like a fool.) Yesterday was Saturday - not my normal back day, but mentally I was ready again, and since I was overdue for some deadlifting, had been about five weeks, I think, I trained. My knee is healing, and thankfully it doesn't affect the deads.

I hate to go into detail about my deadlifting. For some reason expounding on deadlifting makes me feel jinxed??? I will say, however, that my new shoes are MAGIC shoes, and the deadlifting was some of the most "effortless" I have done to date. I think I finally figured out how to deadlift. :) :) Now, if I can figure out how to stop the bar from ripping my legs open right above the knees, I'll be satisfied. Good God, that hurts! The blood does provide for a highly dramatic flair, however.
I won't be training again until Wednesday, so my bench ought to be groovin'! :) :) :)
Talk to you then - and have a POWERFUL and happy Christmas!!!!

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