Thursday, December 14, 2006


Last night was a touchstone of training sessions! I was groovin' and so was B. Benching - 315 for three really great reps, and 1 with just a teeny weeny bit o' help from B, so 315 x 3-3/4's...and pauses 275 x 152 lbs. Then we just busted ourselves on incline dumbell presses, incline flyes, btn Hammer shoulder press machine, seated Hammer laterals, seated dip machine (I did more reps than B on these with same weight !!HAH) I can't remember the other tricep movement, I can only remember that my chest, delts, triceps were swolt toast to the max!!! Taking the video clips of the benches really helps me to analyze the technique, so they were so much better than they have ever been.

I'm still at 152, there is a chance I may go back down to the 148's for the Jersey Iron meet, but I will probably stay in the 165's, even if I am closer to 148. I think my body has had enough dieting for a while. I have to be good to my body, for it has been through the ringer, and back, and again so many times this past year. This week I've been all jammed up, been to the chiro twice and had B unjam my hip yesteday. I'm icing it as I type this.

We started back at the Firm Monday night - feels like home there, all warm and cozy!! B was feeling good in his squat suit, except for that nasty blood that kept spurting out of his nose and leaving puddly spots on the floor ...good thing Paul, the owner, likes us...I think he considers us good, free entertainment - better than clowns!

B's incredible gams....

So what does it look like to have your calf cramp up in the middle of having your picture taken?

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