Thursday, December 28, 2006


The outlook is grim for squatting at the meet in a few weeks. I still can't straighten my leg, or flex my quad. The worst is when I go down the stairs, not up, but down. My quad cramps up terribly all over the place, especially the vastus medialis. Living on the third floor of a condo complex has become quite a problem. Christmas night I was taking out the trash and POW! It hit me. I got stuck on the stairs, couldn't move, couldn't stand, couldn't sit, and i couldn't get it to work itself out. This lasted a few minutes, and it seemed eternal. It was a mighty horrible experience.
I decided to go for a walk tonight, I haven't been for a walk since I injured myself. I did have a strange gait, not my usual. I only had one small cramping over about a two mile trek. It either helped to work the problem out, or I messed it up further. I should be able to tell in the morning.

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