Wednesday, December 06, 2006

coming back around

I'm here, just going through my ignoring posting on my blog phase again.
Friday was back and biceps night, and I'm just now, today -Wednesday getting over that.
The back is feeling recovered, however, the lower biceps STILL have that deep down soreness.
Maybe I should rephrase that and say still feeling the PAIN!!! Perhaps I was more "over the edge" from the competition last month than I thought!
I only did five total sets for biceps...just shows you - you do NOT need 10 to 20 sets of biceps (or triceps, or anything else for that matter) if you do them with all you've got to give them. Go ahead, argue with my biceps - --B started doing some slow reppin' with me on the biceps, and he was feeling the aftermath for a couple of days himself. HAHAHA!!!

Monday - back to squatting!! I love it I love it I love it. My back has been traumatized from so much long distance traveling and driving lately. That really takes its toll on my back. Each and every rep the other night I could hear the spine popping as I descended, and in my video clips you can see the fatigue, but I did what I could anyway. 405 x 3 and 425 x 1( me weighing in at 150). Then I did a set at 315 with NO knee wraps for 7. Slow hacks, then Len pulled out his big purple rubber band and we did lying leg curls with the band. WOW! Those hit me in a new place - up high and out. Methinks me liked those! Then onto stiff legged dumbell deadlifts. I do those differently than most people, more like what some call a "flat backed" deadlift. I really keep the legs stiff. Hits the glute - ham tie in much better...gosh, I really need to build my butt up don't I ( LOL) .
All in all, a pretty darned fantastic workout. 425 at 150lbs. at the bottom of my strength curve - I'll take it. I almost put that bar back after the sixth rep, but I stuck it out after rethinking and did the seventh. NOW I know what "that pukey feeling" is ... and you know, I liked it. We are going to have to invest in a puke bucket, I suppose (ooo, gross)

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