Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Leg Pressing

I am just dragging my big ol' butt this morning. Maybe the time change affected my sleep, because I haven't been sleeping soundly the past two nights. Maybe I pushed myself just a little too hard last week? Or maybe alot?
And last night - wow, George and I went to town. He felt like he was on the verge of having something, and I was brain-numb tired - did you ever get so tired that your brain was numb? So, we claimed that we were going to "back off just a bit"...we lied.
We didn't squat - I try not to squat every week anyway...we used the Hammer Strength leg press, which I am learning to love. The movement is so much like a squat. It works the entire leg in the same fashion, regular leg presses don't really do that. AND - a milestone!!! I wrapped my own knees for two sets. I've tried to put that off as long as possible! There is room for more practice and improvement, but they were sufficient - not too bad. I think I did sets of 12, 12, 12 20 - not my usual low reps, but, again, I don't think my legs will shrink after the way they were pounded last night.
I introduced G to Sissy squats, manual with a 25 pound weight...I learned to do this movement when I first started training, and still love them to this day. It is RARE to see somebody else do them. B hates them, so when I train with him, I don't get to do them much,but I beleieve in sissys...
We got out of the gym in less than an hour and a half - incredible. I see some sweep coming, but my legs are never going to look like they have as much sweep as some others because of the long vastus lateralis - it attaches into my knee. I'm going to have to grow big FREAKY legs to make them look like they are as big as they are. They are big, but deceptively so.

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