Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday morning and I feel like the big choo choo train has taken me for a ride underneath for a few miles once good to be back -
Wednesday, chest day was a bit off strengthwise - not that they touched the muscle at all during the operation, but I imagine that since it is the immediate area there is some local trauma to the pecs just being in the same vicinity? What do I know, I'm not a medical professional...maybe I was just plain weak on Wednesday for no reason - ??? 225 bench for 6 pauses - good, long pauses, but still, a few off my form. I backed off the total routine by three less sets than normal. Thank goodness, because here it is 4 days later and my chest is still WRECKED!!! owwwww - my delts and triceps are probably sore, too, but the pecs are so pulverized that it takes away from any other sensitivities I may be experiencing.
Last night - deadlifts! I had no expectations...well, ok, I always have expectations to pull maximum poundages, but I wasn't going to chastize myself if it didn't happen. My energy levels deplete rapidly, still, and again they did last night. I find myself panting after a few reps exhertion...strength wise I was on, but when it comes down to the last rep and max effort, I couldn't tally forth into that zone...I'll come around again soon, I do imagine. I did 365 x 5, 405 x2, 315 for 5 resets...I opted for the resets rather than go for the normal 315 for max reps.
I may have died! George and B were doing these awful 30 + rep sets just for the heck of assured that I did NOT join them in their antics. I did do one high reps set of 20 on the cable row, but for the most part, I stuck in my usual low rep range.
My biceps were pummeled last night, too. Went up to 60's for a few on the dumbell curl...I try like heck to enjoy working my biceps, I really do...but I reall don't enjoy training them at all.
I fell asleep early last night and slept late this morning. I'm just a poor ol' tired little girl.
Having troubles keeping my weight up - or should I just say I can't seem to eat enough. I'm still hovering below 165. I feel like a stick.


JC said...

165 and feeling like a stick...LOL.

Are you doing anything to up the cals?

Christine said...

I loooooooooove deadlifting. Good lord are you strong!