Monday, March 05, 2007


No easing back into things for me. I told B not to let me go hogwild. But, i think he gets all warm and fuzzy when he sees me go hogwild so he let me, he encourages it... I went 315 for 9(dammit, nobody stops at 9!!) then 365 for knee then B decides I'm going to do a 405 with no knee wraps. Could I have said no? - well, yeah, sure, I could have...but if you read my blog on a regular basis you are getting to know me well enough to know that I wouldn't back down at the challenge if somebody paid me....well, maybe if it was a very, very large sum of money... so I tried my very first 405 with no wraps. I made it halfway down (which by the way is a full squat to most people) , but I knew I was too exhausted to stick with it, so I left it at that. I didn't wimp out like my usual, I KNEW it was too much. I was exhausted after the first set, winded, toast, so by the 405 it was just too much. Next wek - Hell yeah...2 with no wraps...I will, because I can. Biomechanically my groove has come back better than ever, just lovely ol' squats they are.
We then progressed on to FRONT squats...yeah, taking it easy - HAH!!! Only 135, but I made sure to do them floor deep, and B said I even unlocked on a few of them...y'all know what that means?? It is when you go down, then go down some more with just your butt...three sets, about 10 , 8, 6 I don't remember....
We did extensions and curls, mixed regular and slow, and donkey calves, but by the second set of calves - I knew I had over done it...danger zone. Luckily I brought some gummy Legos and had some dried peaches in my blood sugar just plummeted, and it goes so fast, not with a warning - it just drops from being ok to danger zone, just like that. And then I got wierd and scared to drive was almost like being drunk. Had I been one iota over that line I would have eaten more then waited.
Good to be back? You betcha!!!

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JC said...

Well, welcome back to training. Sounds like a hellof a workout!