Sunday, March 18, 2007


Rather than sit here and type about my training sessions this week (and my new wrestling/jui-jitso/self-defense lessons), I'm going to touch upon something that I get asked frequently - how do I juggle all that I do and get it all done? Heck, when juggling, I drop alot of balls, believe me...and then I go the other way and over-extend myself, and get into "the hole" (where I am now, by the way). I am a single mom, ok - divorced single mom, work full time as a real estate agent, part-time as a personal trainer, competitive powerlifter, competitive bodybuilder, produce two powerlifting meets per year, oh my God, STOP!! I'm tired!!
I was blessed with a wonderful child, who is 14 now and his age makes things a little easier as he gets older...Real estate can be flexible, yet sometimes you have go to go when "they" beckon you. I am very lucky to have a partner who puts up with me! (If he is reading this, well, remember Jody, I have to put up with you, too!!! )He is a great business partner. He even gives me encouragement to pursue my extra curriculars. The powerlifting - bodybuilding juggling hasn't been too much of a problem, but it IS getting more difficult the better I become at bodybuilding. What does that mean? Well, for example, I got reamed out by my trainer (B) the other day, he says that indeed I really do walk around much too lean to be continuously lifting the poundages that I do... read: WEAR AND TEAR! However, I feel much too "clunky" to walk around over 11 or 12% bodyfat...I can't figure some of the bodybuilders who put on so much body fat when they aren't in competitve mode -
Producing the meets? Well, that's just like being the hostess of two big parties to me...I love it. And me competing in those meets, well, I'd just be pacing back and forth anyway, so use the energy constructivly, right?
I brought up this topic, mostly because I am "in the proverbial hole". I had the surgeries, didn't ease back into things like I should have, just went hog wild, started with the wrestling...on and on - My body is starting to physically rebel by the constant tiredness, the bothersome joints, non-recuparative muscles after workouts... it all adds up. I have to be good to myself now so as to avoid any perpetual repercussions. It is entirely possible I may skip competing in the Delaware Power Classic on April 21. Of course, that would make B very happy that I could tend to only running the show - I may just do that, and be "the anal judge"...(no one wants me to judge - I am very, very strict). Maybe I will compete, I don't know yet. Bodybuilding -I am definitely planning on the Masters' Nationals on July 21 - that is my priority at this point in time. I need to try to make those judges wipe the crust out of their eyes and notice me. I may never accomplish that, but at least I know that I am better than they have given me credit for thus far...

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