Sunday, March 25, 2007


I was up at the Training Center on Saturday - did my back. No, still not recovered. I may never be recovered again in this lifetime...I don't know. I was hoping to use their brand new Texas Deadlift bar, but alas! It was locked away in a closet. Perhaps they are waiting to break it out next month at the powerlifting meet that will be there? What powerlifting meet you ask? Well, since you asked - April 21st, the APF/AAPF Delaware Power Classic, produced by none other than yours truly... me! (and Broderick - who is the DE APF state chairman) We run a good, fun, well expedited meet - lots of lifting talent in the groups of lifters we manage to have had with us in the past - Brad Vargason and Scott Yard have both set wold records with us, just to mention a couple - and we have a RAW (in capital letters - HAH!) division. Will I lift in it? I plan to do something, but I doubt I'll go in full power tis time - stay tuned.

Anyhooo...even though I was tremendously drained of energy, I just couldn't walk out of there without yanking on some heavy dumbell rows. I did manage two sets of deadlifts, 365 x 5 and 405 for one measly rep... telling ya, I am still just so terribly tired after a few reps. As none of the gyms in my area have anything heavier than a 150 dumbell, I had to - HAD to yank on something heavy. They were calling to me - "Kaaaate, pick me up". I was too fatigued to even think about the 180's, but I did do a set of 150 for 8, with 160 for 6...then 170 for 4... not my best, but it felt really, really good to pull those. REALLY good.
I want to have a contest of "odd lifts" and include dumbell rowing as one of the events.

This picture has nothing to do with training, nor does it have anything to do with anything relevant to anything I have to say at all.
It is me buying tomatoes at the grocery store.

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