Monday, June 18, 2007

4 weeks 5 days and counting....

Up until this contest prep, I really did breeze through all the contest preps prior - not this time.

I am hurting physically. If I didn't have this contest committed to I would take off three weeks completely from training. Really,really, I would. My body is calling, no - screaming for it - it has been three and a half years non-stop, no rest. Bodybuilding, powerlifting, no rest no rest no rest. I need some rest, but I can't yet.

My strength has finally plummeted, spiraling downward it goes. I mean waaayyy off. No steam for pushing. I really felt it today with legs. 315 on squats felt like 450. My legs have that kind of tired exhausted feeling waitresses get from working a double shift at a busy restaurant. That's the best I can describe it. I've had it for several weeks now, and I suspect it is not going to get any better until after July 21. And last Friday, deadlifting was almost a joke. I will say this about fat on the shins - when you are lean and dieted down, pulling the bar up against your shins feels like a grater on your bone. Fat at least provides some padding. Oh, it was horrible, plus I had no steam to begin with. I'm walking around like a zombie these days. Lord knows what I would be like if I did that no carb stuff like most of the other bodybuilders I know. No, I don't play that stupid game. Don't even let me get started on that subject - - -

Here is me yesterday 5 weeks out. I was watery yesterday. very watery, and the lighting sucks too. Too bad we didn't take my picture today. I dropped two whole pounds of water over night. For no explainable reason it just drained away over night. I actually look better than this. I am not pleased with any of the pictures from yesterday, but I vowed I'd post at least one progress pic a week for you all to at least be able to criticize me (HAH!).
I did go off my diet Saturday. My second cousin got married, Jenny (she was even more beee-yoo-tee-fool than she normally is !!). I was so hoping to go hog wild on wedding cake.
I looove wedding cake (especially FROZEN wedding cake).
Buuuuutttt - we didn't get to sit down to eat until after 8, and the main entree wasn't served until 9. Then they served cheesecake for dessert. I do NOT like cheesecake. My brother and his wife and I left the premises around 10, and they still hadn't cut the wedding cake. I was beside myself. Luckily they did have a plate of cookies on the table. I only had two, and it wasn't anywhere near the replacement for wedding cake that I wanted so bad....but hey, I didn't gain any weight!!

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