Sunday, June 03, 2007

Row Your Bar

My last posting might have sounded a bit harsh and unlike me as far as airing something as such publicly, however it is true and I have all the evidence in the world, as he is likely to deny the claim - anytime anyone wants to view evidence, I've got it - and lots of it. That's why the police agreed to put the warrant out for his arrest. 'nuff said.
Back to training- I was slyly entered into a "clean and press" competition by none other than my dear friend Paul Timmons, owner of the Firm...I had never done any type of Olympic lifting, so why me?? I dunno. Anyhooo, I got a lesson on clean and pressing Friday evening from B, who is quite knowledgeable.
All I want to say is I hate Olympic lifting. No, I wasn't bad at it, I just don't like it. However, that being said, it is good from time to time to learn new things.

GW and I did some good ol' fashioned T-bar rowing, with the bar stuck in the corner of the room(of course you have to put a towel down there to keep the bar stable and also to keep it from marring the wall). I lovelovelove T-bar rowing. I hadn't done those for ages. They hit my back in such a place that I don't feel from any other back movement. As the gym doesn't have dumbell higher than 125's, I will probably be doing more T-Bar rowing in the near future than dumbell rowing, cuz we all know that I like to row really heavy.


Anonymous said...

bout time you started doing something bout that sorry back


Kate Baird said...

back this, buster!!! :)

Anonymous said...

u got it...